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Anterior Research

This is the direct order line for AR Productions ,all orders are individually organised and processed for direct UK/USA/European shipment within each territory to keep shipping and mail costs to a minimum .Direct links will be visible for available Releases direct to the production company .For some Products You will need to fill in the request form situated further below so we can send you full details of Product /pricing and shipping for you Country / Meon III direct order link below or use the MEON inside view below to see more details / images and direct order link.

TAGC – Meontological Research Recording III • Libro + USB Card + Digital Streaming

Meontological Research Recording III
Meontological Research Recording iii

Meon 3

Inside view

STEREOSCOPIC POINCARÉ: The Labyrinth of Solitude
This extraordinary boxed set consists of two exceptional mixes one by Adi Newton and one by Mauricio Reyes created to celebrate the launch of the 9 Beet Stretch 2.0 ( Both are very different approaches and responses to the same problem: to create three-dimensional concrete poetry.
STEREOSCOPIC POINCARÉ: The Labyrinth of Solitude is based on a theme composed in 2005-2006 by Mauricio Reyes called “Love Song for Duchamp” and the essays of Octavio Paz. According to many scholars, Paz’ poetry is “beautifully brutal.” He observes that solitude is responsible for people’s perspective on death, celebration, and identity. The solitude that comes from this quest was translated into music that is beautiful and cerebral, sharp and violent.
The two final mixes are the fruit of audible poetry, concrete poetry in a three-dimensional form. Poetry that triggers mental states and touches the listener’s very soul. A unique version by Newton/Reyes also appears in the TAG Organ Needles box.
These new compositions are both over 60 long only available in this Box Edition.
For more information please email Mauricio Reyes at the following email address:
Boxes ship from USA only

Availble to order

Meontological Research Recording III

Meon 3

TAGC Meontological Research Recording III / 200 Page Full color hard back linen bound book and USB with 8 A/V files and Live Document of MEON Cube.Use view projects button below for more in depth information / images .


SOLE / is a unique Boxed collection of  Re Mastered Archival Recordings previously unavailable and collected together  with a selection of videos / 4 Original Montage Chromalin prints / 16 page colour A 4 Art booklet & CD / USB Card  & T shirt this is a limited edition of 80 copies to obtain details and order a copy please register below


Facsimile of The TAG Research Journal vol 1 of the original edition from 1985 this re issue contains the TAG research from that period inc Articles on Audio & Frequency Research Psychophysics Audiopsychophonolgy Cymatics & Pataphysicics .Plus CD with previously unreleased Material to obtain details please register below


 1 Portrait of Elisabeth Short Masque Le Trapas 

 2 Disintegration Portraits of Francis Bacon  ( Triptych Panel 1 ) 

 3 Double Portrait of Mayakovsky 

Each print is A3  on 200 gsm uncoated Paper Shipping by Tracked/signed mail. To order use the e-mail request form below with the Header /  Prints , and all cost details  will be arranged individually for Mailing / shipping costs in you territory.

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