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TAGC . Transmission from the Trans-Yuggothian Broadcast Station . 



TAGC – Meontological Research Recording III • Libro + USB Card + Digital Streaming

Smart Card Contents 

Yuggothian Transmission Wavelength HT 10 40 56  / wav / mov 

The Inhabitants of Nemirion  / wav / mov 
Meontographical Cartography  / wav / mov
Pataphysical Teratological and Meontological Experiment BWH 49 / wav / mov  

Third Beam of Hearing / wav / mov
Pataphysical Teratological and Meontological Experiment PHB DZYAN / wav / mov 

The Denizens / wav / mov
Meontographical Cartography / wav / mov 

The Sundering

MEON 3 Live Document Post production edit from Leipzig Performance Set  / mov card includes direct streaming access  to Rizoferra Streaming.

Full  Credits and details of all  Contributions are included in the Appendix . Anterior Research Media Communications 2020 / Rizoferra 

TAGC . Transmission from the Trans-Yuggothian Broadcast Station . MEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH RECORDING 3 BOOK & SM Card / BK / ARMComm / RIZOSFERA NUKFM 013

For Recording 3 TAGC have researched areas of outsider science and Pataphysical ideas derived from Alfred Jarry a priori epiphenonominal science & also explores some of the central Meontological ideas based on the occult technology pioneered by Micheal Bertaux,s work in the Coulier Noire also Kenneth Grants Cult of Lam and those of Jack Whiteside Marvel Parsons and Marjorie Cameron and also explores new developments of Voudon Gnosticism and the implicit science that exists behind esoterics.The Michael Bertaux piece is a direct collaborative Film / audio piece based on the original Paintings and Drawings by Michael Bertaux from his older works and exclusively from his new works from Vudu Cartography ,also paintings and Drawings by Alfred Jarry, This Long awaited third recording in the Meon Series features collaborative contributions from Michael Bertaux ,David Beth, La Société Voudon Gnostique & Barry William Hale, based around his book Legion 46 and additional ideas fromTeratological and Pataphysical concepts ,The Meon 3 Book is Illustrated throughout and features an in depth Article for each of the Audio Visual pieces.Introduction by David Beth & original Articles By Barry William Hale ,Adi Newton. Each Audio piece is synchronised to a visual Invocation. The Recordings use Biological radio recordings and Earth radio transmissions & ELF information,the Films employ multiple montage and image manipulation.Work originally commenced on Meontological research recording 3 in 2009 it was developed consequently to be presented using the TAGC conceptual projection staging system TAGC named as The Meon Cube ,a system whereby 4 projections are simultaneously engaged to project the Meontological Films on to a physical cube consisting of 4 semi transparent screens constructed from lightweight aluminium frames forming a equilateral square. The Cube is large enough to house in the Interior a number of TAGC personnel and computer audio generating systems while the Anterior Screen surfaces are employed for the projections. In the live context and staging the Cube is positioned with the possibility of a 360 degree field along with the Ambisonic sound reinforcement so that the Audience can audition and gain a full 360 degree Audio & Visual immersive experience.The semi transparent screens also act as a way of enabling the audience to partially observe the members of The Anti Group within ,so the sense of live performance is still maintained, further it is also possible to experience a series of continually changing montage images as the viewer moves position within the field experiencing the full effect of what TAGC descried as the Meontage. 
 The first staging of Meontological Research Recording 3 utilizing the Cube was presented in Leipzig at the WGT on the 10th of June 2010 in the Pantheon Leipzig and also at Incubate Sept 22nd 2013 at De NWE Vorst The new Kings Theatre Tilburg. A high Definition fixed camera was used along side a roaming hand held High Definition camera on both occasions. The leipzig recording has been edited and post produced and is included in the SMCard that accompanies this Book.The individual Films are also included as well as the audio tracks.TAG would like to thank David Beth for his explanatory Introduction to the Meontological recordings and Barry William Hale for his participation and contribution to the project and continual support and additions to the text for Teratological and Pataphysical experiment BWH 49.Robert Ansell of Fulger Press for permissions via Michael Bertaux for use of the paintings in Vaudon Cartography by Michael Bertaux..


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