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TAGC . Transmission from the Trans-Yoggothian Broadcast Station . MEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH RECORDING 3 BOOK & SM Card ARM SMC/BK 02

For Recording 3 TAGC have researched areas of outsider science and Pataphysical ideas derived from Alfred Jarry a priori epiphenonominal science & also explores some of the central Meontological ideas based on the occult technology pioneered by Micheal Bertaux,s work in the Coulier Noire also Kenneth Grants Cult of Lam and those of Jack Whiteside Marvel Parsons and Marjorie Cameron and also explores new developments of Voudon Gnosticism and the implicit science that exists behind esoterics.The Michael Bertaux piece is a direct collaborative Film / audio piece based on the original Paintings and Drawings by Michael Bertaux from his older works and exclusively from his new works from Vudu Cartography ,also paintings and Drawings by Alfred Jarry, This Long awaited third recording in the Meon Series features collaborative contributions from Michael Bertaux ,David Beth, La Société Voudon Gnostique & Barry William Hale, based around his book Legion 46 and additional ideas fromTeratological and Pataphysical concepts ,The Meon 3 Book is Illustrated throughout and features an in depth Article for each of the Audio Visual pieces.Introduction by David Beth & original Articles By Barry William Hale ,Adi Newton. Each Audio piece is synchronised to a visual Invocation. The Recordings use Biological radio recordings and Earth radio transmissions & ELF information,the Films employ multiple montage and image manipulation.Work originally commenced on Meontological research recording 3 in 2009 it was developed consequently to be presented using the TAGC conceptual projection staging system TAGC named as The Meon Cube ,a system whereby 4 projections are simultaneously engaged to project the Meontological Films on to a physical cube consisting of 4 semi transparent screens constructed from lightweight aluminium frames forming a equilateral square. The Cube is large enough to house in the Interior a number of TAGC personnel and computer audio generating systems while the Anterior Screen surfaces are employed for the projections. In the live context and staging the Cube is positioned with the possibility of a 360 degree field along with the Ambisonic sound reinforcement so that the Audience can audition and gain a full 360 degree Audio & Visual immersive experience.The semi transparent screens also act as a way of enabling the audience to partially observe the members of The Anti Group within ,so the sense of live performance is still maintained, further it is also possible to experience a series of continually changing montage images as the viewer moves position within the field experiencing the full effect of what TAGC descried as the Meontage.

The first staging of Meontological Research Recording 3 utilizing the Cube was presented
in Leipzig at the WGT on the 10th of June 2010 in the Pantheon Leipzig and also at Incubate Sept 22nd 2013 at De NWE Vorst The new Kings Theatre Tilburg. A high Definition fixed camera was used along side a roaming hand held High Definition camera on both occasions. The leipzig recording has been edited and post produced and is included in the SMCard that accompanies this Book.The individual Films are also included as well as the audio tracks.TAG would like to thank David Beth for his explanatory Introduction to the Meontological recordings and Barry William Hale for his participation and contribution to the project and continual support and additions to the text for Teratological and Pataphysical experiment BWH 49.Robert Ansell of Fulger Press for permissions via Michael Bertaux for use of the paintings in Vaudon Cartography by Michael Bertaux..

BLOWUP REVIEW MARCH EDITION -TAGC / The AntI Group Meontological Research Recording III • book + USB card Rizosfera In the rich discography of Clock DVA and their parallel project The Anti Group / TAGC, Adi Newton has often combined his sonic research with theoretical essays and related images. Never before, however, has one of his works been proposed in such a fully multimedia form as the sumptuous volume of almost 200 pages plus an USB card with audio and video content (and links for digital streaming from the RizoStream platform) designed and developed by Rizosfera for the third part of the “Meontological Research” (started in 1987-88 with two albums of “ambisonics” and the booklet entitled Rotogravure). We already had a tasting of such an experience in the magazine La deleuziana 10 [see BU # 269 and Chaos Variation III, Rizosfera, 2018]. The volume, richly illustrated with historical realia, original collages and stills from TAGC videos, develops with texts by Newton and other writers, themes dear to the musician, such as the theories of some key characters of twentieth-century occultism (Crowley, Spare , Grant, Bertiaux, etc.), the fantastic and surreal art of authors such as Clarke Ashton Smith and Pavel Tchelitchew, medieval and Renaissance teratology, the combination of aerospace research and sexual magic in the work of Jack Parsons, the interception of signals of extraterrestrial origin and more generally any sort of link between esotericism and technology (meontology is “the research around not being”). The subtitle of the work, “Transmissions from the Trans Yuggothian Broadcast Station” suggests that a Lovecraftian intergalactic radio station is transmitting a series of audiovisual experiments, in which techniques of superimposition, overlapping, mirroring, transformation and reiteration of images of the above mentioned authors, create arcane and hypnotic sequences close to digital magical acts as in Kenneth Anger or Harry Smith’s short films full of symbolism. The eight films, accompanied by an embracing sound between space ambient and dark chill-out music, have been conceived to be presented with simultaneous projections on the four semi-transparent walls of a large cubic structure that houses the performers inside, in an immersive experience of occult psychedelia at 360 degrees. In the final one hour-long documentary shot and edited by Pamela Eddington and Gabriel Edvy, we can witness the set up and the first presentation of Meon III with its futuristic Cube, in Leipzig in 2011, with the collaboration of Maurizio “TeZ” Martinucci and Shara Vasileva. Overall this is a unique and innovative product, concluding a project which began in 2009 and of which Adi Newton should be really proud. Vittore Baroni / Blowup Magazine March edition 2021



These Eclectic Recordings collected here for the first time where recorded over the last 10 years dating back to 2007 and up to 2017 ,the latest of which is a alternate version of  a track from 2020 TAG Ltd Edition Box ORGAN NEEDLES .At the time these tracks where part of a process of composition that some times results in works being superseded by other works or archived due to not fitting in to a specific conceptual theme of a project.Regardless of this each piece is unique in itself and complete.My good friend and colleague Mauricio Reyes suggested this concept and proposed to undertake its production.So my thanks are due to his organisation / production and great work on the Design and Artwork we collaborated on for this project and his contributions on the final track Stereoscopic Poincare. My thanks also to each one of you who will acquired this very special box and experience from it these unique moments in time .

Adi Newton , London , Jan 03/01/2021

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Currently in pre production this Document is a TAG Research Publication originally released in a very ltd number in 1985 and now becoming available for the first time as a beautifully printed facsimile of the Original , the Contents include ” The Threshold of the inconceivable” TAG research article on Frequency and Sound research ,”If the Titanic had been named Diana Dors it would not have sunk” an Essay on Pataphysics and Sound Adi Newton , Charles Stansfield Jones and the Anatomy of God , Obsession of the Sars Jaques Vache , 2 heads are better than 1 The Duo of Johnannes Baader and Raoul Hausmann , A history of Automatic Drawings inc Austin Osman Spare . The Art of the Spiritual Pataphysician Rene Daumal .The Re Occultation of Surrealism TAG and the Delivery Adi Newton.

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